Empowering Women To Give Back And Get Involved In Their Community


 On February 28, 2020, Brittany Green and Rhiannon Negron created Clear Lake Ladies Night Out during a casual coffee meetup at Java Owl Coffee House. They were inspired by women-owned business groups on Facebook on the Northside of Houston and decided to establish a similar community in Clear Lake Area. This one would we stand out with one big twist. To give back.

They wanted to be more than just another Facebook group or just another networking event group. They wanted to help women give back and get involved in their community.

Originally, they aimed to have 200 members, but they hoped for 500, and to their surprise, by February 29, 2020, Clear Ladies Night Out already had over 100 members. Realizing the need for support, they enlisted the help of Lauri Coppock, who became a moderator and a crucial addition to their team.

Over the next three years, Clear Lake Ladies Night Out accomplished remarkable charitable work, donating more than $10,000 to over 25 non-profits and families in need, all without yet being an official 501c3 organization.

In September 2022, the journey to obtain 501c3 status began. Lauri sought the assistance of a friend who was an attorney specializing in helping nonprofits with their applications. After two months of intense meetings, sleepless nights, and meticulous planning, CLLNO, Inc. was established as an official 501c3 organization.

As of August, 2023 the group is almost 1600 members strong and continues to grow every day. Each month brings a new community need and a new event.

CLLNO, Inc could not operate without the fantastic lineup of Officers and Board Members.

Our Mission Statement

Empowering Women To Give Back And Get Involved In Their Community.

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Board of Directors & Officers

Meet your CLLNO Board of Directors and Officers. We look forward to working with you and serving the community.

Rhiannon Negron

Executive Director

Brittany Green


Lauri Coppock

Vice President/Treasurer

Dr. Venessa Bartholomew

Secretary/Advisory Board

Dr. Maggie McCollough Matocha

Advisory Board

Lola Prysmus

Advisory Board


Events Chair

Cean Henley

Women’s Ministry Chair

Jenny Avis

Business Development Chair

Ange Mertens

Philanthropy Chair

Dorci Leissner

Pink Lady Chair

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